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Conversation with Setsuko Yanagisawa : Japanese Florist

Setsuko is a Japanese florist based in Sydney, specialising in IKEBANA (traditional Japanese flower arrangement) as well as European style.

She is a living example to approve that it's never been too late to do something as she decided to pursue her passion which are flower and food as her profession in her middle 40's. When facing challenges, Setsuko believes in 継続力 ( persistence and continuity). If you keep doing, good things come and bad things may come as well. You have to accept that and maintain positive mentality. Setsuko also shared her 生き方 ( the way to live your life) the Japanese philosophy: 一期一会(いちごいちえ). It tells us that we should always appreciate every encounter in our life as it may not come again. Having said that, being genuine and generous to give as much as you can in each encounter, you will also receive inspiration and positive energy in return. Human are all looking to emotional connection. いちごいちえalso indicates that there is some encounter "mean to be happen", people may reconnect again in the future.


Website: yugaflora

Instagram: yugasetsuko


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