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Memory with Miki

I made a trailer video for my Podcast episodes with Miki who is an Artist/ Photographer /Architect and a dear friend! Looking back to this three months, I remembered vividly about messaging her for the first time, our first Pre-chachup in a lovely afternoon, and our heaps of email correspondes around those memory-buried movies, and our actual recording day and hangout afterwards..

She and I both are attached to memories and story-telling on a unusually profound and personal level. This trait makes her fully fulfills her mission of building a journey to narrate a client's story through her camera lens. Tune in these two episodes! Miki's story is about a global citizen who truly embraces diversity, an empowering career pivot story from architect to photographer, an artistic photographer talent who pours heart /soul and passion into her craft!

As much as we are so obsessed with memorise, Miki is also always on the road to explore life possibilities and to create more memories with strong curiosity in her life pursuit!


Memory track

Yesterday I had my guest Miki coming over my place for our podcast. Five hours chat was not enough at all! We both put so much emotions and efforts into this episode! ( look at our notes, particularly hers, what a epic scene!). I know we will create more memories but this is such emotional journey for both of us and life-long memory I will preserve forever! Miki and I instantly connected so deeply and yeah, the fact we both are big fans of movies and carry that sense of humor definitely are key reasons lol. Again, those moments of you making me laugh just so priceless and precious for me. Miki's pivot story from architect to photographer is just beyond and above amazing! And I am just more and more determined to continue my mission which is to send those stories out! Now ' pressure ' on me lol and I will put in everything to pull off this episode as I always do.Time is limited and I am racing to an unknown journey, but it's a long run game. I just feel so grateful and blessing to surround myself around so many amazing characters and this journey is no longer lonely! 

Miki Sakai
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Memory with Amy


It's such a dream come true that I got do episodes about ' humor ' with Amy who is Comedy Writer/ Author/ Comedienne/Actor/ TV Host / Ted Speaker.It was originally many hours of conversation that we laughed from the beginning to the end, I won't allow you to miss the Joy lol.
This is Amy's big pivot story from finance to creative industry; a talented and kind person went from breaking into Hollywood with her screenplay as the sole goal to make the world laugh with her books as ultimate mission! I also wholeheartedly believe Amy will break into that writing room where she belongs to!
Tune in two episodes to dive in Amy's Amazing creative world with key elements humor! Humor means so much to me personally, and if there is anything I can do to uplift anyone within my very limited ability, Is that I want to send out this message about 'humor' and I want more people to start exercising this piece of 'humor' muscle! It truly saved us on so many levels!
Again, this podcast journey with Amy is beyond Amazing that any words can describe!
Thanks for her generous and humorous sharing! I want everyone to remember that, as Amy said, even in the darkest moment, you can still find the humor!