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Jing Lens Podcast 

Welcome to my solo podcast ‘Jing Lens’ -- my lifestyle diary . Here I share daily hustle and grind,  small joys from my travel and hobbies, exercise routine, self-care practice, and reflection on my personal growth, etc., I consider Jing Lens as my dynamic diary to document and capture evolving and ( hopefully elevating) journey of my lifestyle. 
Lifestyle is a bit overkill buzzword today but I have always been drawn to this word, spending years and years searching and building my lifestyle. I guess  I finally reach this self-validation point to feel may be able to share some practice and minset from an ordinary person’s life to provide one possible form of wholesome and joyful living.
life requires us to do all grounding work that holds us accountable, and style allows us to curate a sense of aesthetic and belonging above it. Both life and style tie the façade and underneath into a concrete living reality, which helps us achieve a better state of mind in this physical world. This is my interpretation of lifestyle. 


The table lamp is just divine, and the book is so delightful to read, instantly transporting me to cottage vibe

To wrap it up, key fragments compose my lifestyle are my day job, side passion projects, learning new course, upskilling, exercise, and travel .. do I feel overwhelmed or stressed from time to time, of course, but slowly and surely I know I am getting closer to an ideal living. Mr.Sakamoto said, you have to be on stage and play your part, that is life. 

It takes deep and heavy work to reach this point of claiming what lifestyle we are pursuing with unwavering faith. It all starts with figuring out who we are and what we want. Once we unravel that, we just need to work towards that reality, feeling authentically and unapologetically. I hope my share will bring a bit of joy and hope to whoever listens to it. I consider my sharing may be helpful for some people because it’s coming from a person who, after reaching radical acceptance of the complexity of humanity and the world, still truly feels grateful and thanksful for living in this world and enjoying its beauty. In the end, I want to say to those with given talents: 才能のある人々が、自分の才能を無駄にしない,今まで一生懸命に努力してきたことに本当にありがとうございました! あなたたち は この世界に 貴重な遺産を築いてきました. 自分の心に従い続けて, これからも お願いします ! For people like me, I believe with absolute conviction that we can design a lifestyle that fills us with joy and meaning. We are all on the journey toward that unique answer made for each of us. Together we are not alone, but we just have to stay true to ourselves to live this life, as Mr.Sakamoto said. 

In my next episode, I will share how I spent almost three years time turning exercise into one of my built-in habits that plays an essential part in sustaining my lifestyle. 

Thank you for reading and listening, see you next time! 

I spent lots of time in Art Gallery of NSW during this Easter Holiday, and brought this lovely book home from Gallery becuase I love green color so much! Very uplifting and soothing color, isn't it? --Curating a sense of aesthetic and accpetance through meaningful connection of Art , Architecture, Interior design and Music.

Passion elevates us, pursuit grounds us, and our passion-pursuit journey hence leads to infinity.

One of my friends delineated a key feature of mine is that I am curious about an abundance of things. I am going through phases where I am not just seeking human connection but also consciously deepening my relationship with material objects, because I did experience an ideal of ‘being’ both physically and emotionally through the meaningful and intricate connection of Architecture, Interior Design, Music, Fashion, Artwork, Nature, etc., Karl Lagerfeld said Dresses are only interesting as part of everything else that’s going on. I often wonder about the composition of architecture from fragments by the architect to what extent overlaps with the composition of music from fragments by musician lol.

IMG-1990 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Exercise sustains me,  skin care and hair care soothes me 

But I am not specialized in anything. I renovated my place last year. My home project taught me two things: even just on a very shallow and hobby level, it took so much physical hustle and mental effort to gain a moment of joy. I reached a bit limit, emotionally, physically, and creatively at some point. That’s why I always have big respect for professionals. They are committed to reaching the core of a discipline at full scale and capacity with an incredible amount of inner strength. It leads to another realization of mine: At this stage of my life, I yearn for a more profound and in-depth experience that takes a more sophisticated level of learning. I guess that’s why I made up my mind to enrol in an interior design course and plan more travel. I hope both theory learning and physical experience will deepen my understanding and connection with interior and architecture. (also thanks to my friends who said to me that I got potential in interior design and my project speaks for it. A person’s words can make real impacts on another. ) 

As an interest-driven person, I learned to thoughtfully and carefully nurture my inner sparks. Anything that brings me even the slightest joy is worth digging deeper because in my case, joy doesn’t come easily or strongly. It took lots of soul-searching and time-building to validate my feelings. I am not intellectually superior in any sense ( not being falsely humble here), but I am always quite determined in turning ideas into action, and bring the vision to alive. Not everyone got given talent, but just being persistent and persevering does take you to further than you thought you could. And with a little bit of a sense of humor, you truly will be fine. I am a living example of that lol. I know my limits at different stages while holding unlimited beliefs. When applying a mindset of elevating my style and skill day to day, I found myself in the best place to unlock all my creative potential and also fulfil my responsibilities. Eventually, we want to be accountable and interesting person lol, right. I am not attached to the result either, by the end of the day, I just want to see the best version of me. We only have one life to live and I owe it to myself to find my truth. My motto is making an authentic and honest living with the mentality of growing and elevating every day. 

The Power of Creativity

It anchors me, sustains me, elevates me 



A Museum Hotel featuring Japan beauty



Reverberations resound through a forest of art


One of my favorited curated space in the Art Gallery of NSW. It hit me at my core when  art gallery , serving as a container, formulates a new relationship  and sense of mind through interacting with lighting, shapes, volumes and material around.
-photographed in  Art Gallery of NSW # Sydney Modern Project building. 


最近はアートギャラリーで過ごす時間が増えて, もうすぐ 東京のアートギャラリーや美術館を訪れるのことをとても楽しみにしています

I instantly  gravitate towards its  heavy texture and numinous color. It's subtle yet profund refinedness to me. The compostion of color and forms carries mystery and calming energy and somehow evokes my nostalgia 

-photographed in Art Gallery of NSW # South Building

I really appreciate the messages behind this art project  entitled ‘song cycle’ .  This body of work embodies art-creating is a labour of love underpinned by discipline, practice and ritual over ongoing time.  Spontaneous nuances are captured through repetition set in framework. The artist perceives the relationship  between music and color as metaphorical correspondence , rather than synaesthetic experience. I haven’t quite comprehended that but I like the artist describe colour as a ‘verb’ that has a kind of energetic force or presence – color our mind lol   - photographed in  Art Gallery of NSW 

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