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Reverberation, Evocation, Reminiscent

I possess a discerning intuition when it comes to selecting hotels. Yet, it's the blend of sheer thrill and lingering sensuality within experiential hotels that not only ignites my inner spark initially but also stays with me perpetually.



Especially when traversing solo, one steps into a realm of uncertainty and the unknown, exposing oneself to a vulnerable space that demands radical self-honesty. Hotels, or any physical containers, may appear as mere hollows for a void soul. However, there exists a silver lining for those embracing solitary living, a sentiment derived from my personal hotel experiences. I feel compelled to share this because it serves as a profound source of hope that strongly speak to me.



I gaze at a hotel's façade through the lens of interior design, prompting me to unpack its form and structure and interpret its visual language of materials and design elements on both a technical and aesthetic level. I zoom my lens out to reminisce about its storytelling, honoring its iterations spanning over centuries. This conjures up an association between past history and current reality on an emotional level. I immerse myself in a momentary and enveloping experience that evokes my awe emotions.


My Writing Ethos 

Writing encapsulates my blend of interests in architecture, interior design, and travel.  Each peice I write is grounded in vigorous research, delving into references of architecture, art, culture, and history. While technical intention achieves a certain level of clarity, precision, and accuracy, the evocation of my personal sentiment and reminiscence can only come from a genuine place. That's why writing, for me, is both a painstaking and transcendent experience.

I aim for both sophistication and elevation of lexicon built on a new design language system, as well as the authenticity of my storytelling. Authenticity is at my core and forefront, fundamentally paramount to me. I couldn't simply throw out a big word I don't literally comprehend. I also won't endorse anything that I don't buy into or relate to. The research piece pays the most basic respect to the discipline I feel connected to and to professionals in the industry. However, attaining that alignment between my inward emotions and the outward world has set me on a path into a meaningful form of writing.

I am drawn to writing now because I truly believe that writing, reading, and the listening associated with it are probably the most universally accessible and inclusive means for any civilians who intend to deeply take in and see the world intellectually and aesthetically.

I am coming to the point where I define my role as a keen observer and listener of the world. I am also not selling myself short. I believe I have an inherent sensibility and an eye to document the beauty of the world through my craft and creation. Someone once said beauty is perhaps a form of resistance, as it can be a light that illuminates the world. There is no future without beauty

Occasionally, I may still carry that unconscious ego, not reaching the best kind of humbleness, but I am aware of my limits and flaws, and that awareness sustains me as a lifelong learner. Writing sometimes is confrontational and almost self-torturing, as it involves consistently scrutinizing my choice of words, deconstructing and reconstructing my reasoning and emotion until I reach that tuned and aligned moment. I am currently committed to this writing path because I sense that I am onto something that forges into a dignified, divine, and perpetual moment.



A world-class luxury hotel features Japanese traditional beauty and authentic hospitality



A boutique hotel merges heritage opulence with contemporary luxe




A Museum Hotel featuring Japan beauty

On The Road


At Heart

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