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Special Episode: My 2022 Home Project

I started my 2022 home project which somehow extends its scope into renovation, interior design, decluttering and organization from last June around. It was probably my biggest project in 2022 which grounds me on a very deep and personal level. It was over half year of hustle, stretching my creativity, mentality, even physical strengths to a new level. My architect friends said they see my potential in interior design. I guess even I may get slight bit of sensitivity in styling or something, I still got overwhelm just by the idea of doing interior design in some scale from 5 to 10 years down to road. Because interior design is so deep. I was so intimidated by it, now a tip of iceberg is revealing to me. My respect for architects and interior designers are also being taken into next level. I just don’t know how much hard work and intense learning it will take to reach that professional level. I guess I just need to follow my heart at my pace. Right now I am at informal/self-taught level of learning. Over the last half year, I immerse myself to listening to hundreds of podcasts related to interior design and watched Tons of AD YouTube videos, ended up taking a whole notebook of notes. All of sudden, I become keen to dig into texture, material, color Palett, architectural structure, each aspect can be an independent discipline. It’s a new language system I am learning which depicts aesthetic, value and existence of life that I gravitate towards.

As an interest-driven person, I just feel so grateful to encounter this new hobby in 2022, and is willing to sit down still to learn the foundation. I vaguely sense that Interior design will offer me a new perspective and lens to restructure the physical space , reframe the way of thinking, reconnect time and space, it’s just I see music, life, and flow in architecture and I am so obsessed with that feeling. Interier design are trials with endless learning curve and triumphs. I often am uplifted by musicians’ music, someone's kind words or share of people's inner art . I hope my share can bring a bit joy /enegery or a bit sense of hope ( even just for a moment) for my audiences. That's why I consider it's meaningful to make this episode.

About interior design:

*Interior design shouldn’t be a race towards finish line and something you can pull it off at recorded time so you can show off to your friends. It’s a evolving and ongoing journey.

*Home should be the expression and extension of inner self. When you are curating a sense of tyle in your place, you are also curating a sense of belonging and acceptance. Home should be a place fills you with joy and happiness and be the ultimate sanctuary.

*Interior design is also a visual art that reflects a person aesthetic and personality. I agree we can train our designer eye and elevate our taste through intentional learning and massive exposure to art , but interior design is never be as easy as just replicating a beautifully curated home from the catalogue to become yours. To be able to emotionally connect to a physical space, I think eventually it comes down to being authentic to yourself.

*Function comes first. Style shoud support its function.

*Music makes time pass, and architecture make space into meaningful mean architecture make music stand still, here time turns into space.

*True beauty comes from within. If you don’t do the inner work, an empty shell without soul won’t stand long. It applied to interior design as well. You may have the most aesthetically curated room, hidden clutters will still deplete and drain your enegery away.

This episode do need some visual navigation lol, please see some photos attached for Living room.

Brass round mirror, shoe bench, weaved ornament and my Wow Factor LOL
Entryway: Brass Mirror, weaved ornament, shoe bench, and my Wow Factor LoL

living area
Living Area: Focol point felicia portrait canves painting/ Media Console

living area:   floor lamp& Table Lamp& Tyffany ceiling light
living Area: floor lamp& Table Lamp& Tiffany felice ceiling light

Living area seating groups: Sofa& Velvet Armchair&Leather accent Chair&Jungle canvas painting

Dining Area :My work desk & Trolly cart ( Music Nook)& Another Focal point:metal wall deco peice

Dining Area: Dining Table & Gallery wall

Some detailing: Tiffany felice ceiling light

Table lamp made by authetic shell

Death Energy


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